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How To Resize Divi Column Widths

Step 1 – Row Settings

Make sure the row Width and row max width are both set to 100%

Set Custom Gutter Width toggled on and set to 1

Row Settings

Step #2 – Choose A Divi Column Structure

Select the number of columns you want. By default they will all equal 100%.

Step #3 –  Calculate each column width

Make sure it all adds up to 100%. Anything less than 100% won’t be wide enough and anything more will create a new line.

Step #4 – Paste a Line of CSS

We need to override the default Divi width by using some CSS to change the columns to any size we want.

Go to Row Settings and click on Advanced Tab>Column CSS> Main Element. Copy this CSS code and paste it in each column,

width: 25%!important;

Make sure everything adds up to 100%.


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