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Namecheap – How to share access to a domain with other users

If you would like to provide another person with access to manage your domain name, he/she should create his/her personal Namecheap account at https://www.namecheap.com/myaccount/signup.aspx or provide you with the current Namecheap account username or the email address associated with it.

To share access with another user please do the following:

1) Having logged into the Namecheap account, select “Domain List” from the left sidebar.
2) Click on the “Manage” button next to the domain name in question.
3) Select the “Sharing&Transfer” tab and find the “Share Access” section.
4) Enter the username/email address of the person you want to delegate control to.
5) Select the permission for the user under the “Manager’s Access” section.
6) Enter your password for the account and save changes.

If the new manager of the domain enables the additional security feature in his/her account, he/she will see the domain in the “Domain List” section right away. He/she will also be able to use the modification options you have provided him/her with.

However, if the new manager disables it, an email invitation to manage your domain will be sent to his/her email address. Only after he/she clicks the confirmation link in that email, the domain will appear in his/her Namecheap account.

Feel free to check out the video guide:

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