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Celeritas Hosting Free Email

10 Free Email Accounts With Hosting

Each Celeritas hosting account comes with 10 free email account and up to 20 forwarding addresses for each site. E(mail forwarding does have its limitations.)

POP and SMTP Only

WPMU DEV email accounts are POP and SMTP email only. We cannot support IMAP email accounts as that would require storing all emails on our servers, which would result in an increase in costs, maintenance & support.

POP email sent to any address you create must be retrieved using an email client (Outlook, GMAIL, etc.) of your choice. That means that emails are downloaded to the email client you connect your email account to, and you read them on that client.

If you use a device-specific email client like Thunderbird, it may not be possible to access your emails from different devices. But if you connect your email account to a cloud-based email service like Gmail or Outlook.com, then your emails will be accessible from any device.

You may also want to consider using our email forwarding service, which can forward IMAP emails to the inbox of your choice.

Email Forwarding

  • WPMU DEV can only forward emails for domains we host.
  • Email forwarding only allows you to receive emails sent to an address you create. In order to send emails with your domain in the address, use the Email Account SMTP options discussed in this guide.
  • Email forwarding and domain email cannot be employed at the same time for a single domain. Email can only be sent from one location, as determined by the domain’s MX records – email forwarding requires different MX records than standard email, so the two cannot co-exist on a single domain. If you try to create a forward for a domain that already has an email account configured on it, you will see a red notice like the below example to remind you of this.


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