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Updating DNS MX Records for WPMU Email

In order to send and receive emails from your new email address, you will need to add the MX info to your DNS record. For information on adding and managing your DNS records in Hub 2.0 visit the DNS records manager documentation.

MX Records are Mail Exchange Record use specify the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a domain name.

When adding the MX record to your DNS records:

  • Set the Type to MX
  • Set Hostname to @ – this points the record to the root name
    If your DNS manager does not accept @ in the Hostname field and requires the domain name, be sure to include the period at the end of the name; without it, email will not work.
  • Value for MX records managed by WPMU DEV is mailu.wpmudev.host.
    Include the period at the end here as well, even though your registrar might remove it once the record is registered.
  • For DNS records on WPMU DEV the Priority should be set to 1
  • TTL (Time to Live) defaults to 14400 seconds
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